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Buzz Badge - "Connect With Us" Window/Door Stickers and Clings


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This social media "Connect With Us" Window/Door Sticker and Cling is the perfect way to showcase your social media presence to your customers. This will connect your offline customer to your online communities.

This will help towards building your social media presence with real loyal customers, followers and fans of your brand.

Color: Standard as Shown
Size: 5 X 7
Type: Sticker/Cling (Easy Removal)
Where: Can be placed on windows and doors.


*Look at Image 2 to see example.

This goes perfect with our other Buzzbadges Products.

*All Buzz Badges comes with a "How To Apply/Set-up" Instructions.

We also create custom social media branded Buzz Badges.
Contact us to get a custom Buzz Badge designed for your establishment.

*All logos/trademarks are owned by each respective owner and not associated with or its parent company.