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Buzz Badge - "Check-In Here" Counter Display


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This "Check-In Here" Counter Display is great to have on counters, by the register, food pick-up area, etc.

Use this to create awareness to have customers check-in via foursquare, or facebook places at your location.

If you are running or planning on running a special, this is guarantee to increase your check-in numbers.

Color: Standard as Shown
Size: 8.5 X 11
Type: Laminated Buzz Badges (Protect against touches)
Where: Can be placed on Counter Tops.

This goes perfect with our other Buzzbadges Products.

*All Buzz Badges comes with a "How To Apply/Set-up" Instructions.

We also create custom social media branded Buzz Badges.
Contact us to get a custom Buzz Badge designed for your establishment.

*All logos/trademarks are owned by each respective owner and not associated with or its parent company.