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Buzz Backpack Walker

$275.00 - On Sale

Packing: 5pcs/ 26.0"w x 13.8"h x 15.0"d

Buzz Backpack Walker features:
1. Wide used to indoor&outdoor advertising display.
2. Easy to set up and attractive, very suitable for promotion.
3. Light, won't be very tired to carry it.
4. High quality
5. Includes retractable poles to fit large or small banner

Catch the eye of the consumer, literally, as you parade promotions around on yourself! This Buzz Backpack Walker, Wearable Display will take your promotions and advertisements to a whole new level. You will be a walking billboard for whatever it is on view. This attention-grabbing backpack, Wearable Display gives you a chance to showcase and explain new products at the same time!

This enticing banner backpack is the perfect Wearable Display for trade shows, in mall atriums, or even by a stop light on a busy street. Consumers will be drawn to your sign.

Mobile advertising is an effective and successful marketing solution for any business. The Buzz Backpack Walker comes with a carrying bag for convenient transportation, a backpack, and 4 adjustable poles that retract to your desired banner size. This banner backpack provides quick and easy assembly. Simply slide this pole out from inside of the pack, insert each pole into the holes on the backside, unfasten the screws to adjust the height of each pole, and attach your banner by using the 4 grommets. Next, slip the backpack over both shoulders, fasten the buckle, and you're ready to go! This wearable backpack display includes an inside pocket to hold brochures or business cards to aid in your selling. This Wearable Display is light-weight and easy to manage. See how well they work for you!

*After you place your order, please contact us to give us the necessary graphics, logos, images, etc to create your first complimentary banner.